Yankees Need To Move Players Now

The Yankees seem to be running out of options as the all-star break approaches. They have been doing all they can to try and generate wins, but they have fallen short.

Their pitching has cost them games because they cannot play from behind. Starting pitchers have given up homeruns and that has been devastating for the Yankees because when their defense gets shaken up it has an effect on the offense as well.

The Yankees have been showing flashes of being able to be a good team, but they have not been showing that consistently and that shows in their record. They have another half of the season to right their wrongs, and depending on their attitude coming out of the all-star break that will determine if they can salvage their season.

There are difficult decisions that the Yankees have to make with only a month till the trade deadline. This season may be slipping away, but the future could look great if the Yankees trade for the right players.

They should be looking to get the most for the players they have to offer. They have plenty of talent on their roster that they could spread around and reel in younger players that are already established in the league.

They could also get younger player that could be groomed into better players in a few years. The rebuilding process can take a few years, but with the right moves that could speed up the process.

The Yankees being at .500 at this point of the season is not bad, but the way they have been playing is an indicator that the rest of the season could take a turn for the worst. The team can be on fire for a series and get swept the next series.

Breaking even in the American League does not guarantee a playoff spot for the Yankees because it is a tough division. It is important for the Yankees to make the right moves before the trade deadline not only for a better future, but also a better second half of the season.

Adjustments from game to game have not helped the Yankees in a big way, but it has kept them where they are. Switching the batting order has not produced runs and that means there has to been a new addition in the batting order.

The Yankees have to bring in a player that can drive in runs on a regular basis. They need someone who can come up with a big hit with runners in scoring position. The Yankees have seen plenty of young players that can do just that and they need a couple of them.

There have been reports from ESPN and Bleacher Report stating that the Chicago Cubs were looking to trade left fielder Kyle Schwarber for Yankees 8th inning setup man Andrew Miller. There are a few reasons this trade could favor both teams.

The Cubs are first place in the National League and having a pitcher like Miller in the bullpen for late innings or even becoming the closer can be great in the playoffs. Although Schwarber is out for the season with a knee injury he can be great next season for the team.

He is a young player with pop in his bat and he can be a great run producer for the Yankees. The Yankees would be potentially calling it quits on this season by making this move, but it would be great for their future.


No-Run DMC: The Yankees Pitching Phenomenon

Over the vast winning history of the New York Yankees the management has always thought of a way to keep the right players together. That has been the winning formula for the team and they may have struck gold once again in with the talent they have in their bullpen.

After the departure of Mariano Rivera in 2013 fans knew that he was irreplaceable. Rivera the greatest closer of all-time left a hole in the pitching staff that needed to be filled.

There may never be another player like that for years to come or ever, but the Yankees have three pitchers that can get the job done. These players are a nightmare for an opposing team when the game is on the line.

These pitchers build a bridge strong enough to maintain the lead and finish the deal.

Dellin Betances

He is the beginning of the Yankee big three and he has been dominating in his role. Betances can come in and give two solid innings of work for the team and hold on to the lead. The reason he is such an important piece of this three man rotation is because of his poise on the mound.

He gets settled in fast and he does not shy away from the big moments. Although he is a relatively young pitcher, he knows how to get out of a jam like a veteran. As a relief pitcher he has shown he can take the pressure off of starter and help out the rest of the bullpen.

Andrew Miller

The former closer that has now been bumped to a relief position fits in perfectly with the game ending pitching scheme. Miller has been great both as a closer and bridge man this season, and he can always pitch a great 8th inning after Betances works the 7th.

Miller can have more confidence throwing strikes when he has a comfortable lead, but even in one or two run games he can find his rhythm and get the three outs he needs.

Being the middle man in this trio has made Miller’s job an easy one. Both Miller and Betances throw in the mid to upper 90’s, but the finisher is truly a special player.

Aroldis Chapman

The Yankees did a great job reeling this great closer via trade in the offseason. Chapman is one of the best closers in the game today. Since he is not working alone it makes his job easier because there two pitchers with closing ability in front of him.

Throwing at a top speed of 103mph it is hard for a hitter to get a good swing on the ball. Now there are players that would love to turn one of those pitches into an upper deck homerun, but Chapman backs those players off the plate when he pitches them inside.

Chapman is the anchor of this unit, and when he has to close the deal he does. Right now he has 4 saves and those numbers will keep climbing as the season goes on.

“No Run DMC”

The reason these players are so good together is because they all have the 9th inning mentality, and that is to just get three outs. They have all been in that position in the 9th closing out a game and they all had what it takes to close out.

Yankee announcer Michael Kay called them “no-run DMC” because of the initials in their names that match the rap group Run DMC, and because they have been great closing out games by not allowing runs.

All three pitchers feed off of each other and that is what makes them so great. If the Yankee offense can find some consistency they could wind up in the playoffs. This is the type of pitching that can win a championship.

What We Learned About The Yankees Already

NY Post

The New York Yankees began their season hosting a three game series against the Toronto Blue Jays in which they lost the series two games to one. However, their are some positive signs for the New York Yankees.

The Bronx Bombers are not expected to make the playoffs this season according to experts and even fans. This is not a team that analysts are comfortable with predicting a strong playoff push. This could be all the more reason that they can be a surprise team in 2015.

Alex Rodriguez will be batting third for the Yankees in tonight’s game against the visiting Red Sox (photo from Fox Sports)

Speaking of surprises, it didn’t take long for Alex Rodriguez to make it back to the New York Yankees number three spot in the batting order. As the team’s designated hitter, A-Rod has been given the responsibility to provide enough offense to stay in the Yankees everyday lineup with one goal: to drive in runs. His stats according to ESPN are not amazing (.222/1 HR/1 RBI), but he did hit a homerun yesterday against the Blue Jays. This has given hope in the ability of the 39 year old Yankee slugger. It’s unrealistic to predict he can hit 30 homers this year, but it surely would be cool to watch if you’re an A-Rod supporter. He’s currently five homeruns away from matching Willie Mays’ 660 homerun mark.

Teixiera hit hit first homerun of the season last night against the Blue Jays. (photo by NY Daily News)

Since I mentioned one aging veteran that hit a bomb yesterday I guess it would make sense that I mention old Marky Mark hit one too. Mark Teixiera hit a homerun after Beltran flew out following A-Rod’s homerun giving some hope for Yankees fans with this aging Yankees offense. His blast may have played a part in Girardi’s decision to have Teixiera bat in the four hole behind A-Rod in tonight’s game against Boston. Say Teixiera hits 30 homers again and A-Rod was still a 30 homerun hitter; would the Yankees be a playoff contender? Possibly, but the issue in the first series was fielding and pitching from their starters.

Tanaka looked ineffective in the Yankees home opener on Monday. (photo by NJ.com)

Reality check, Masahiro Tanaka is not at 100 percent unfortunately, and his performance on opening day has more people questioning his health. In 4 innings of work Tanaka gave up 1 homer, walked 2, allowed 5 hits and was responsible for 4 runs crossing the play (4 ER’s, 5 R’s) according to ESPN . I believe he should have taken more time off or even possibly gotten surgery done on his arm, but he decided to keep playing. This is a risk the Yankees and Tanaka are willing to take, possibly because they think they need him to be a playoff contending team. However, even with a Tanaka at 100 percent, I’m not sure if the Yankees have enough to get pass their rivals in the AL East.

Pineda did not get the decision on Wednesday, but he did prove to be effective with 6 K’s in 6 innings. (Photo by NY Daily News)

Michael Pineda had a great outing in Wednesday’s victory against the Blue Jays even though could not get the decision. In 6 innings of work, Pineda struck out 6 batters allowed 6 hits and 2 runs while walking 2. Pretty solid start for Pineda. If Pineda can do this every outing, than the Yankees would have gotten the man they were looking for when they traded Jesus Montero to the Seattle Mariners a couple of years ago for Pineda.

CC Sabathia also struggled in the third game of the season in which he started. In 5.2 innings of work, Sabathia gave up 8 hits and allowed 5 runs, but he did not walk anybody and he registered 8 strikeouts. Sabathia wasn’t terrible as he was effective with 0 walks and 8 k’s, but it’s never acceptable to allow 5 runs. Fielding may have hurt Sabathia as well as the team according to the YES Network has a fielding percentage of about .960, which is not that good.

The Yankees will probably have Betances (left) and Miller (right) split time in the ninth inning this year. (Photo by NY Post)

The last thing to point out is that Delin Betances came into the game with the Yankees trailing in the eighth inning on Wednesday, a game the Yankees would win after a comeback in the bottom of the eighth and a save by newcomer southpaw Andrew Miller. What does this mean, it means Girardi will not commit to one closer which is actually useful for match-up purposes. Sure, they would rather just have Mariano Rivera, but those days are over. David Robertson signed with the White Sox this offseason, which made an opening for the closer role. Most people believed Betances would be handed the position after an awesome campaign last year, but after the Yankees signed Miller, Betances was no longer the only option. It should be interesting seeing what manager Joe Girardi decides to do with the pair of relievers.

So what did we learn about the Yankees after their first series?

1. Tanaka is not at 100%

2. Yankees have to work on their fielding

3A-Rod & Teixiera still have some offensive juice (okay, probably a poor choice of words since one of these guys was banned from the MLB due to a PED suspension, but whatever)

4. Betances and Miller will probably share time as closer.

5. Michael Pineda looks impressive